Monday, 30 March 2015

A windy week in Gran Canaria

I finally got around to finishing my edit from the great conditions we had here in Gran Canaria. At the end of February we had probably one of the best 2 weeks I ever had. I used 3.7 more than any other sail! A light wind day was when I could sail on the 4.0. However the best part were the waves, with without a doubt the best riding conditions I have ever had here. This is a few clips from around the island over the last couple of months.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Gran Canaria goes off

It has been an amazing week over here in Gran Canaria. Probably one of the best weeks I ever had. The highlight was Wednesday where I scored logo+ high waves, side offshore and waves peeling for about 500m. Definitely the best day ever for me over here. On top of that we had loads of great days jumping at Pozo. When I get time I will put together a little video, but in the meantime here are a few screen grabs. There are loads more pics and video clips on my Facebook page, so check it out and like it please.

Pushy at Pozo

Little air at secret spot

Pozo 360

Secret spot Goita

Pozo Backy

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

NEW VIDEO - Winter 2013-14

This video took me so long to get online. Version 1 got banned because of a music issue, and then it took me 6 months to get V2 uploaded. Like always, its Maui and Cape Town, but there is also a bit from Mauritius too. Thanks to everyone that filmed bits and pieces!

Winter 2013-14 V2 from John Skye on Vimeo.

Monday, 26 January 2015

South Africa

Its been a while since the last update, but I am currently in Cape Town for the annual shooting/testing trip for RRD. Its been pretty good this year, with loads of waves and sailing almost everyday. Lots of driving, but its been worth it. This year we are joined by new team rider Alex Mussolini and its been great watching him ripping on RRD sails. He sails so good in every condition we found so far, so looking forward to see him competing this year. For me I now have less than a week left. It looks like tomorrow will be pretty big again, so last chance to get the golden pics and video!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Maui and 2014 comes to an end

The final event of the year is over. It was a disaster for me, but thanks to consistent results all year I was able to discard the event and still move up the ranking finishing 10th for the year. Its been a mixed year with some good luck and bad luck, and had a few things gone in a different direction it could have been a very different result, but still happy with how it ended up. Massive congratulations to Thomas. He sailed out of his skin, particularly when it mattered and the pressure was on. A very deserving champ. Also have to give Victor credit where its due. To have such a phenomenal season and still finish 2nd, is amazing. His sailing particularly here in Maui blew me away and he was fighting until the end! Now its time to head home and chill. I have basically been on the move for over 2 months, so looking forward to unpacking the suitcase and staying in one place for a while.

A huge thanks to all my sponsors. RRD, MFC and Bathlia.

Photo: AWT/SiC

Saturday, 25 October 2014

La Torche

It looks like the end of the contest here in La Torche. We haven’t managed to finished the double elimination, but the forecast for the last day doesn’t hold much hope. For me its been a tough event. I have been waiting for classic starboard tack jumping conditions for years, since the Guincho days. With so many of the fleet now really port tack specialists it was a good chance to have the fleet mixed up a a bit, but of all the people I could get from the trials I ended up against Angulo, who is the master of that stuff. Had I had a heat warm up I think I could have put up a better fight, but straight in against him, I was out first round. I have not been so devastated by a loss in a long time! Luckily we had a few heats in the double to start to work my way back up a bit and I managed to beat Koster, which was a little consolation. That put me into 9th but unfortunately it was getting dark and they cancelled. It means I drop out of the top 10 for the first time this year, but in terms of points I am not looking too bad going into Maui. A lot of guys around me will be relying on a good result to hold their position, but I am discarding a 13th at the moment, so can be a bit more relaxed. Maui is always a hard contest, especially arriving straight off the plane and going against the guys that live there. This year I am a bit more ready for it though, so can’t wait to get out there. A massive massive congrats to Ricardo for his long awaited 1st World Cup wave win. Plus another massive congrats to Thomas for taking the lead in the rankings. Going to be a very interesting title race in Maui!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Sylt no wind

Sylt finished and unfortunately there was no wind. Its a strange one because despite having the most inconsistent conditions on the wave tour, it is probably the best event off the water. Thousands of spectators, loads going on and great parties (although this is the first year that I dont enjoy any). This year we at least had a few heats run, even if the conditions were pretty on the edge, but no counting result. Still it was a great week, as Nayra and Lily came over and we had a lovely holiday! Now we head back to GC for 10 days before returning to France. I have a feeling it will be howling and make up for the rest of the year.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Denmark, RRD HQ and Sylt

Its been a hectic week. Denmark finished on the last day, in literally the last hour. I lost to Ricardo and was pretty gutted. I started the heat with a really high scoring wave but then couldn't back it up with a second wave. Even a half decent one would have put me through, but I made a few mistakes and in the really light winds and with a shorter heat than usual those mistakes proved too costly. I just about hang on to a top 10 place in the overall, but it was a lost opportunity to move higher.

An old classic for Andy King 
After that it was straight to Italy to see the guys at RRD head quarters. It was a flying visit but managed to test the new Firewings, design some new Wave Cults with Aurelio, plus sort out all future sail ranges for 2016 and beyond. To cap it off, the trip also coincided with Roberto's 50th Birthday party which got quite messy by the end.

Finally I ended up in Sylt where it looks like a long week ahead. The first day we had just about enough wind to get the contest started and it ran smoothly until my heat! Typically the wind dropped and the heat was cancelled meaning I am now in the 1st heat of the day and need to be on alert for every single early skippers meeting. Forecast is not too promising at the moment, but you never know in Sylt. Everything changes so quickly over here that its never over until its over.

Deradicallised to suit the conditions