Saturday, 19 April 2014

No Maui

Its the first time in around 12 or 13 years that we don't go to Maui in the Spring. Its a strange feeling when it has always part such a key part of our schedule and I can't help but check the photos everyday to see what we are missing. I don't think its been the best season, but truth is Maui on an average day is still better than most places on the best day of the year. I wish I could report that we had done something better, but unfortunately its not really the case. I spent a big part of the last month in China and Italy finalising the new sails for RRD. They are looking great. When I was at home I spent more time on the slalom board than anything else. That has been great fun testing the new Firewing, which will have some nice new features. Now we are enjoying an Easter break in Fuerte before it looks like some good conditions will arrive towards the end of the week. Its now just over 2 months until the first wave comp, so its time to step up the training a bit. Hopefully I will join Pons in his new program. He is offering both fitness training and on the water training, to sharpen me up for the summer. In the meantime happy Easter.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cape Town 2014

In Cape Town once again and like always its been providing plenty of wind and waves. Yesterday was the best day so far with some great waves. Checked just about every spot on the cape and ended up at Haakgat for the afternoon session. Some pretty chunky waves at times and don't think I have swum so much in years, but was really fun. Testing out the new Hardcore range and they are amazing. Thanks to malden hoekstra for the photo.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Save Vargas beach

Recent changes in the way they are implementing the laws here on Gran Canaria has meant that they have put up barriers preventing people from driving onto the beach in Vargas. This has made windsurfing a nightmare, and even worse are the poor kiters, where it is now impossible to sail there without a 750m walk across the boulders. They have also starting fining vehicles parked at other sailing spots. Please help the case by signing this petition and if you are on Gran Canaria at the moment head to Vargas this Saturday18th at 11am and show your support. I think whether you are a windsurfer, kiter, supper, boogie boarder or surfer, this effects everyone who uses the beaches.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year. Lets hope 2014 brings plenty of wind and waves.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Winter Waves

After what seemed like forever without waves, the last week has been pretty insane. Waves everyday, and in the upper range for what works here. I have been surfing every morning right in front of the house and am loving my RRD surf boards. Mostly on the Secca, and a couple of sessions on the Frustona. Wednesday I also had a sail on the north shore. Very light winds, but a decent size and good to get some different conditions. Mostly I was just trying to work the place out, but I had a couple of good waves at the end. Definitely looking forward to sailing there again now I know what it needs to work. Massive thanks to Pons for firstly calling me to go and secondly taking a few pics of me when he came in.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

New Movie

This video clip has taken forever to finish off. It seems that competing on the tour, working full time on the sails AND having a 1 year old daughter, doesn't leave much time in the day. This is South Africa and Maui - Again. I really should go somewhere different but the 2 spots are so good to get a mix of training and we have been going there for so long that its just really easy. We know the cheap ways to do things and best of all we know how to get the most of it. So once again I started the year in South Africa, staying with Roberto, Whitey and Jem Hall and scoring 3 weeks of non stop wind. We literally sailed everyday except the last day. Testing, photo shoot and video presentations. Probably the most full power trip I have ever made. I needed about a month to recover! Maui was a more relaxed affair heading out there with the family and making it a bit of a holiday. Luckily our heli shoot day was probably the best day of the spring, so we really scored. So hope you enjoy the clip, and dont get your hopes up for somewhere different next year. I already booked the flights for the same spots!

South Africa/Maui 2013 - Again from John Skye on Vimeo.

Friday, 22 November 2013


I must be getting old. It has been such a nice feeling to arrive home and know that I don't have to leave for a while. I think I have not been at home for more than 2 weeks since the Pozo event in July. Since I have been back the conditions have been pretty average except for 2 good days in Pozo, but I don't really care as I have been playing with Lily. Winter doesn't seem to have arrived yet over here and we still have north winds like in the summer, but it looks like something is changing next week. In the meantime its nice to catch up on nerdy computer stuff and spend time with the family.

Friday, 1 November 2013

8th PWA Wave Ranking 2013

The Aloha Classic is finished for me. I ended up a fairly disappointing 21st for the event. The positive side of it, is that I moved up the overall ranking finishing 8th for the year, my best ever result. This contest was pretty brutal though as over half the fleet ended up being locals so even the first rounds were viscous. Poor Philip had a pretty bad leg infection and you could see he was struggling. However massive congratulations to Brawzinho and Musso who fought their way back and now pretty much go head to head to decide the overall World Championship Title. Both guys really deserve it, being great sailors on both tacks and in all conditions, so should be a nail biting finale. Check out the video from KP.

PWA Double Elimination Aloha Classic from American Windsurfing Tour on Vimeo.